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In order to reward our great customers, Le Groupe Sports-Inter Plus has decided to start the G1 Dollars program, available exclusively online at sports-inter.com This program rewards all institutional clients, (cities, municipalities, and school systems). In order to earn G1 dollars you must have an online account and make your purchases on the internet. G1 dollars are automatically earned after every online transaction.

Questions / Answers:

Do all my purchases count towards my G1 Dollars account?

You can only earn G1 Dollars through online transactions. Purchases made by fax, phone, or email do not count towards your G1 Account! G1 dollars are earned on purchase amounts before taxes and shipping.

Is there a minimum purchase amount to earn G1 dollars?

No minimum purchase is required

How can I use my G1 dollars?

You can only use your G1 Dollars for online purchases. G1 Dollars can in no way be used for orders made by fax, email, or over the telephone.

Can I convert my G1 Dollars into cash?

No, G1 dollars have no value other than on our website.

How do I know how many G1 Dollars I have earned?

You can see how many G1 Dollars you have earned on the bottom of the page. However, it is important to note that it may take 24 to 72 hours to update your G1 Dollar amount after new purchases have been made.

How can I use my G1 Dollars Online?

You must indicate how many of your G1 Dollars you want to use at checkout. The cost of your order will be automatically adjusted.

Are G1 Dollars earned by customer or by establishement?

As our G1 Dollars are for institutional clients, it is the establishment, and not the person who earns the G1 Dollars.