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Motor Skills Improvement

Children pick up their rudimentary motor skills through basic exercise, i.e. climbing, walking, running, and jumping. It is an indispensable process in every child’s growth. Children with well-developed muscular and skeletal systems will be able to interact more effectively with their peers and the environment.

Balance Co-ordination

The development of cerebral cortex is crucial to children’s motor coordination and leaning ability. This series of auxiliary aids provide not only exercises that enhance children’s sense of balance and coordination, but also give them lots of fun!

Creative Play Interaction

The developments of spatial and creative understanding as well as peer interaction are crucial during a child’s development. We strive to create playful and educational equipment that promotes self-confidence in young children through construction, imagination, creative display, expressing talents and teamwork.

Tactile Perception

Touch is one of the most important five senses, and a fundamental element of sensory reactions. It is essential to learning ability and emotional health.