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RampShot game set

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RampShot game set, including 2 ramps and 4 balls

What is RampShot ?
• Cornhole on steroids • Keeps players engaged
• Develops motor skills • Play anywhere

- RampShot is described as being a more exciting and fast paced version of cornhole.
- This highly interactive game keeps all players engaged in a fun, competitive spirit.
- Helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, teamwork and good fun for 4 players.
- Bring it with you to backyard hangouts, beach parties, tailgate events or camping retreats.

RampShot is played with 2 teams, team A and team B shown on the visual. First team to 15 point wins!

• 3 points if the ball gets into the slot. Even if it goes back out.
• 1 point if the ball bounces on the top and your partner catches it.
• 0 point if the ball bounces off the front ramp and the other team's stealer catches it they get an extra shot.

RampShot offers 3 different versions of the game (Classic,Rookie and Slapback) to play to accommodate all skill levels. Check out some of our "How To" videos below to get a better idea of how to play!


2) ROOKIE - For younger players and beginners

3) SLAPBACK - For advanced players