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GOING ONE Full Fiber Power player's hockey stick 60" (152cm)



GOING ONE Medicine ball with handle 6.6lbs (3kg)



Squeegee straight model with rubber blade 4" (61cm) width



Monster mountain table

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KIA DVD Video workouts

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 May 01, 2021 - In stock: 1
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KIA DVD Video workouts

- Included 4 complete exercise routines set to original upbeat music
- 4 levels of difficulty
- 4 x 10 minutes
- Grade 1 to 6 - FRENCH ONLY

The Kids Into Action CDs and DVDs are a hot commodity ! A must have for any teacher who:
- Needs to get the class active in a limited space
- Needs to have the children burn off excess energy
- Would like to give the children a quick and simple “brain break” in order to get back to the task with a focused brain.
• Using music CDs and guidelines that are stored there by a qualified coach, it's easy to move your class, even in a small space. Each routine is roughly 10 minutes long.
• CDs and DVDs are designed and tailored for different age groups for both exercises to do for music used.
• Step by step instructions for every move & proper structure :
1) warm up 2) stretching 3) moderate activity 4) vigorous activity 5) cool down